what is the 5 best social media platform to earn money?

    Content creations are now becoming much more than the 5 best social media platforms to earn money and their demand is increasing day by day. Even from Social Media, you can earn money by posting

    videos. Video making is just another technical and creative skill learned by anyone with a bit of ambition and imagination. If you want to become a video maker this might be a good opportunity for you to lead the future. You don’t need a huge audience to start your earnings. In this article, you’ll be going to learn how to earn money by posting videos on Social media platforms.

    Video marketing is the future. if you want to be a content creator some social Media offers you a better platform as well as better opportunities to generate more revenues. Here are the top 5 Social platforms from where you can earn money by posting videos.


    This American-based social network site allows its content creators to earn money through Twitter Media Studio which allows the content creator to monetize their videos. they can earn a good amount of money by making sponsored videos. Twitter is the best platform if you want to maximize your earnings because most of the traffic is from USA or UK.


    A french-based video-sharing platform owned by Vivendi. Dailymotion is a great opportunity for creators because it supports more than 183 languages and 43 localized versions of local content. you enable its monetization program, you’ll start earning just like YouTube. You’ll earn every time whenever an ad is placed in videos. It also supports in-stream video ads to help to gain the maximum profits by showing relevant ads to your audience.

    What you need to do is to upload the videos regularly and share them with your audience. If you think that advertisement is the only way to earn from Dailymotion, Dailymotion always comes with surprises. You can generate more money by renting your videos or on a subscription basis. You have to make a pricing list of your videos or channel. Dailymotion shares 70% of its profit with content creators. And to make a withdrawal you’ll have to earn a minimum of 100$ for withdraw.


    When Instagram launched it was known for posting images and pictures. when Facebook owns Instagram and becomes the sister concern of Facebook, also offering to earn money by posting videos. It’s known as the IGTB monetization. your Insta account meets the following criteria you’ll be eligible for the IGTB Monetization program.

    The criteria’s are:

    • need to have at least 10,000 followers
    • IGTV videos must have a minimum length of 3 minutes.
    • content must be owned by you.
    • content must meet the Instagram policies. video will have to get at least 30000 1-min views.
    • The Language must be in English.


    One of the giant social media platforms Facebook offers you to earn money by posting videos. It’s a great opportunity for anyone to earn a huge amount of money as it’s the hub of billions of traffic.

    You can earn money in different ways:

    • In-Stream Ads
    • Fan Subscriptions
    • Branded Content

    In-Stream Ads:

    In-Stream Ads is the best way to earn money from Facebook. It’ll help you to earn money displaying ads before, during, after the videos. you’ll have that choice where you want to place ads.

    Fan Subscriptions:

    Fan Subscriptions is one of the latest addition added by Facebook just to encourage its creator to make more videos and generate more profit.

    Branded Content:

    If you gain much more popularity, you can work as a social influencer. You can contact the brands. After that, generate your revenue by publishing content that will feature your business partner. By making a collaboration, You can make 2X profit.


    If you want to start money quickly YouTube is the 5 best social media platforms to earn money for you. As it’s the most popular platform to watch videos. It was launched in 2005 and it becomes the most popular platform to share videos such as blogs, tutorials, etc. According to YouTube Stats, In 2021, there are approximately 1.86B users worldwide which were 1.47B in 2017. Each month more than two billion users watch over 1 billion hours of videos content every day. If you want to become a YouTuber, your first step will be to figure out how to build a youtube channel first. Then monetize your videos in different ways.

    Those are:

    Google Adsense

    become an Influencer

    Affiliate Marketing

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