6 ways to use technologies to make money

    We are living in the era of technologies that are helpful to make money. By

    inventing these technologies we are replacing our jobs sector day by day. It’s enough

    to make money online. Here, I presented a description of how to make money

    online. Online provides us vast opportunity to make money easily staying at home.

    If a person knows computers how to operate or to conduct he or she can never run

    out of money online. But here needs to their willingness income. There are various types of incoming sources online.

    Various sources of making money online :

    There are many sources to make money online. For instance, have any skills

    then earn money online.

    Website designing

    Creating websites


    Online storing

    By  dropshipping

    By memberships

    Sell various products

    By photography

    By freelancing

    Content writings 

    Making  video tutorials

    Online education

    By affiliate marketing

    By translating

    Digital marketing

    Investment in stocks


    1.Website designing :

    Website designing is the most demanding job in this digital era. People always

    searching online offline. First of all, they search by name of any website

    which switches people for their thirst. By making a website anyone can earn money.

    Here needs to know the designs which are available online to learn. creative one can earn money easily.


    Nowadays blogging is the most popular source of earning. By writing any of the

    subjects one can earn money under a mentor. This is an interesting thing from were

    and offer monetization opportunities. That’s the main source of incoming money from blogging.

    3.Online storing

    People are trying to find jobs or any kinds of goods or products. The online platform

    is such kind of source that can be a source of money for those who are interested to

    do it. Here online one can open an E-commerce site, sells various products or goods

    for humans. By this starting up online storing one can earn money.

    4.By dropshipping

    Dropshipping means selling products as a third party to other customers. Some say it

    as a reseller. In this platform, you don’t need to open a website or anything to sell

    products. Just you need to process how you can sell it to others and so on.

     05. By photography

    Photography is another source of incoming. If one can know photography very well they can

    earn money online. Here needs to know some techniques of how a proper picture can be captured to impress people.

    06. Making tutorials

    Here one may be good at English or math or science, etc. By making videos on specific solutions one can earn money. By doing some research you can present some interesting methods to impress specific students. From the viewing of these
    videos, one can earn money by clicking and viewing others.


    Online is a platform for earning money. From here one earn money but need

    some skills to perform it like knowing good English and the skills with which you want to do it.

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